The Controversy surrounding the Campaign Council of the All Progressive Congress Presidential candidate in Rivers State has taken a fresh Dimension over Claims by Tony Okocha been the Coordinator of Tinubu campaign council in Rivers State.

This was disclosed in a statement made by Hon Ejie Olakada, SDP Chieftain Eleme LGA, Rivers State

“I ordinarily would not have dabbled into the exchanges between chiefs Chukwuemeka Eze and Tony Okocha over the disagreement within the Rivers State campaign team of the Presidential candidate of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but a paragraph in Chief Tony’s response to Eze caught my attention”.

“The need to put the record straight on the assertion in that paragraph has made this intervention necessary”.

“Chief Tony Okocha in his response to Eze titled, “THE FLAPDOODLE OF A JOYLESS IMPECUNIOUS GERIATRIC” had stated that he was the leader of the Tinubu family in Rivers State under the auspices of the Bola Ahmed TInubu Support Vanguard and and that he organized the Elele Tinubu rally in Rivers State. That is not true”.

“From time immemorial, some people have always been happy to rewrite history, but in this case, Chief Tony Okocha has attempted to rewrite history right in the face of those who made the history. That is egregious and should be discouraged”

“If Chief Tony Okocha said that he was the leader of the Tinubu family in Rivers State, who then was Senator Magnus Abe?

“Indeed, the Tinubu Ikwerre LGA rally at Elele was organized by then APC faction loyal to Senator Magnus Abe”.

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“Till date, the Tinubu family in Rivers State remains loyal to Senator Magnus Ngei Abe”.

“Chief Tony Okocha was at no time leader of the Tinubu family in Rivers State. While he coordinated the Tinubu Vanguard, he did so under Senator Abe as leader of the Tinubu family in Rivers State”.

“Interestingly, even his appointments into the PCC and ICC which he currently holds, Senator Abe nominated him there”.

“While no one is dragging anything with anyone, it’s important to always maintain fidelity with facts, respect the history of yesterday acknowledge the place of others” He Said.

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